Umm ok, so where do we start?

Umm ok, so where do we start?


So it’s been a long time coming, probably about a decade, as I’ve finally got round to launching a proper food business.  This pic is from earlier this summer when I had just picked up the keys for our commercial unit (aka our secret lair), and sitting there in the middle of that empty, vast space still sit some early samples.

Well, what is just about to happen is that a pallet, yes – a PALLET, of our sauce is arriving into this unit literally in a couple of days.  Hopefully this will be just enough sauce to meet demand for both this very website and for our first event, the Festival of Heat which will be in Shoreditch, London on 27th September.

I actually cannot contain my excitement.

SIDEKICK® was born by mistake back in 2010 when I had lost a piri-piri sauce recipe.  Well this mistake has now evolved into… well I’m not sure yet, but I’ll tell you soon!

Anyway, I sincerely hope you like what we make and what we stand for.

If anything, it’s going to be a blast.



Founder @ SIDEKICK®


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