We made a chilli shop

We made a chilli shop


It’s no secret that we love the burn here at Sidekick. It’s literally what wakes us up in the morning (usually dolloped over our eggs), and the mission we work on every day is to spice up the nation’s dining tables. So when we came across this awesome looking shack in my old home town of Wimborne in Dorset, we thought – why NOT move in and open a shop? Then the question came up – so what type of shop? Well it wasn’t difficult to arrive at the answer: a damn amazing chilli shop, that’s what!

As well as the Sidekick range we’ll also stock about 80 of the finest chilli sauces, dried chillies, chutneys, oils, snacks and all sorts from the most incredible artisan producers that we have come across over the last year or two. The range originates from 18 different cuisines covering 6 out of the 7 continents of the world (does anyone know of any Antarctica hot sauces?).

Now I didn’t exactly do much footfall analysis or anything like that, but when you consider that Wimborne is around the corner from officially the most popular chilli festival in the country, that should suggest there are enough lovers of the burn nearby. Meanwhile my Mum has been selling a surprisingly large amount of Sidekick sauces to her colleagues in the town.


We open tomorrow, so if you’re ever in Dorset why not come and see Nigel (Sidekick Ops Manager and shopkeeper – pictured above), check out some of the wonderful different chilli inspired food and get Chilli Happy!

See more about our store (which is already open for online purchases) at: www.wimbornechilli.co.uk


James, Founder @ Sidekick

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