Mission No. 006: Beef Short Rib Meat Sauce

Mission No. 006: Beef Short Rib Meat Sauce


Oh my… this was an adaptation from my girlfriend’s old Italian family recipe and boy did it hit the spot one Sunday afternoon.  Just make sure you have the time as this bad boy needs to be cooked low ‘n slow baby… enjoy, James @ Sidekick


Brown off 2 large sliced ONIONS, 3 cloves of crushed GARLIC and 250g chopped SMOKED BACON in OLIVE OIL.

Mix up 1l WATER, 0.5l BEEF STOCK, 350g double concentrate ITALIAN TOMATO PASTE and half a bottle (125ml) of HOT TOM SPICY KETCHUP.

Stir thoroughly and add to a heavy-bottomed oven-friendly pan with a BAY LEAF and a few twists of BLACK PEPPER.

Add 900g BEEF SHORT RIBS and heat through to a simmer on the hob.

Cover pan with a lid and cook in a fan oven at 140 for 5 hours, giving it a stir every hour or so.


Remove pan, the meat will have fallen off the bone – remove the bay leaf, short ribs and shred the meat back into the sauce.


Add salt to taste and stir through some cooked penne, top with fresh grated parmesan…


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