Mission No. 007: Zingy Pork & Apple Burgers


Easy and cheap to knock up, super delish, makes 6 burgers. Grate 1 large RED ONION and 2 small RED APPLES. Mix together with 500g PORK MINCE, 1 EGG, 3 table spoons of BREADCRUMBS, 1/2 teaspoon of GROUND CUMIN and a few twists of SALT & PEPPER. Now for the magic ingredient, mix through 3 tablespoons of ORIGINAL ZINGY […]

Mission No. 006: Beef Short Rib Meat Sauce


Oh my… this was an adaptation from my girlfriend’s old Italian family recipe and boy did it hit the spot one Sunday afternoon.  Just make sure you have the time as this bad boy needs to be cooked low ‘n slow baby… enjoy, James @ Sidekick   Brown off 2 large sliced ONIONS, 3 cloves of crushed […]

Mission no. 004: The Digby Collins


Mix 25ml of TEQUILA with a few ICE CUBES, 1/2 a teaspoon of SUGAR and the juice of 1/2 a LIME. Add a few dashes of AGED BONNET HOT PEPPER SAUCE. Shake, strain and serve in a shot glass. SIP SLOWLY and let it warm your cockles.

Mission no. 003: Epic Eggs


Spice up brunch in style with this delicious breakfast for one. Slice 1 SHALLOT and brown in oil or butter. Beat 2 EGGS with 1 tablespoon MELLOW PEPPER (NOT SO) HOT SAUCE. Add mixture to pan and scramble into silky sheets. Add a pinch of SALT. Serve & sprinkle with CHOPPED CHIVES. Now that’s the way to start a […]

Mission no. 002: Hood’s Stone Bass Ceviche


Lifted straight from Hood restaurant’s 2015 Streatham Food Tour winning menu. Take very fresh sushi-grade STONE BASS fillets (or salmon) and cut into 1cm cubes. Blend equal quantities of LIME JUICE, VEG STOCK AND SIDEKICK® ORIGINAL ZINGY PEPPER HOT SAUCE with fresh CORIANDER and GARLIC. Pass through a sieve. Dress diced fish with sauce and refrigerate for at […]

Mission no. 001: Hood’s Dirty Dexter Short Rib Hash


The brunch bestseller at Hood restaurant in Streatham Hill, London.   Braise a SHORT RIB OF BEEF. Shred meat & mash roughly with boiled POTATOES, fried ONIONS, finely chopped PARSLEY then season liberally. Heat a frying pan with rapeseed oil & brown off mixture, stirring every 2-3 mins allowing parts to go crispy.  Slice & […]