We made a chilli shop


It’s no secret that we love the burn here at Sidekick. It’s literally what wakes us up in the morning (usually dolloped over our eggs), and the mission we work on every day is to spice up the nation’s dining tables. So when we came across this awesome looking shack in my old home town of […]

Hot Tom: making of the ‘tchup


During the first few months or so of prepping for the Sidekick launch my mate Ben kept banging on about how I should make a ketchup, a spicy ketchup to be precise. We would usually meet up every now and then for a beer and end up talking in-depth about various ideas and the conversation […]

Darth Naga reviewed our little Screamer!

Wow, what an honour.  Having had the Screaming Pepper selected for Lick my Dip‘s October box we were waiting tentatively for Darth Naga‘s verdict in his monthly ‘Just the DIP’ review… check out his glowing summary!

Umm ok, so where do we start?


So it’s been a long time coming, probably about a decade, as I’ve finally got round to launching a proper food business.  This pic is from earlier this summer when I had just picked up the keys for our commercial unit (aka our secret lair), and sitting there in the middle of that empty, vast space still […]