Our story

Our journey started back in 2010 with James, our founder and self-confessed chilli addict, creating the original Zingy pepper sauce to satisfy his cravings after trying to recall a lost piri piri recipe.  He started giving away small pots of the stuff to friends as part of gift hampers and word began to spread.  When requests started coming in from parents of friends of friends as far as Brazil he realised it was time to take it (a tiny bit) more seriously.


We launched at the end of September 2015 at the Festival of Heat in Shoreditch.  It turns out that Londoners REALLY love the burn and we struggled to cope as we sold over a bottle per minute.  Our hottest sauce, the Screaming Pepper, sold out that day and two weeks later it was included in both of the UK’s leading chilli subscription boxes for October.

sidekick sauce

No added bad guys


Born from a passion for unearthing bold and unapologetic flavours, we’ve produced a range of quality hot table sauces that will never contain any artificial additives, preservatives or colours.

We ensure a top quality zing by carefully selecting the best natural ingredients and obsess about them throughout our cooking process.  SIDEKICK® is the ultimate accompaniment for those who enjoy seeking bold new food escapades… with a kick!

sidekick sauce

The blurb

Sidekick_lightning_bolt_black 33pc

It was the turn of the decade, our founder battling to recall a lost sauce recipe: from these flames arose SIDEKICK®.

Better than your average bottle, this accidental condiment offered an audacious marriage, a two-to-tango, match-made-in-heaven, mi-casa-es-su-casa mating experience to even the blandest of foods.

The SPICY ACCOMPLICE was born and SIDEKICK® had found its grail: a mission to help the world become more daring at the table.

sidekick sauce

Join us

At SIDEKICK® we’re on a mission to help the world become more ADVENTUROUS and DARING at the table, join our quest by following us on social media:

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