Mission no. 003: Epic Eggs


Spice up brunch in style with this delicious breakfast for one. Slice 1 SHALLOT and brown in oil or butter. Beat 2 EGGS with 1 tablespoon MELLOW PEPPER (NOT SO) HOT SAUCE. Add mixture to pan and scramble into silky sheets. Add a pinch of SALT. Serve & sprinkle with CHOPPED CHIVES. Now that’s the way to start a […]

Mission no. 002: Hood’s Stone Bass Ceviche


Lifted straight from Hood restaurant’s 2015 Streatham Food Tour winning menu. Take very fresh sushi-grade STONE BASS fillets (or salmon) and cut into 1cm cubes. Blend equal quantities of LIME JUICE, VEG STOCK AND SIDEKICK® ORIGINAL ZINGY PEPPER HOT SAUCE with fresh CORIANDER and GARLIC. Pass through a sieve. Dress diced fish with sauce and refrigerate for at […]

Pre-launch deal: Order 3 sauces for only £10


To celebrate the start of our pre-launch phase (and the fact that we haven’t exactly figured out everything yet) we’re offering any 3 bottles of our sauces in our online SHOP for only £10 (+ p&p). Simply enter the code ‘PRELAUNCH3FOR10‘ during checkout (enter code in ‘order summary’) and reap the benefits of this outstanding deal! Click here to start shopping and […]

Mission no. 001: Hood’s Dirty Dexter Short Rib Hash


The brunch bestseller at Hood restaurant in Streatham Hill, London.   Braise a SHORT RIB OF BEEF. Shred meat & mash roughly with boiled POTATOES, fried ONIONS, finely chopped PARSLEY then season liberally. Heat a frying pan with rapeseed oil & brown off mixture, stirring every 2-3 mins allowing parts to go crispy.  Slice & […]

Umm ok, so where do we start?


So it’s been a long time coming, probably about a decade, as I’ve finally got round to launching a proper food business.  This pic is from earlier this summer when I had just picked up the keys for our commercial unit (aka our secret lair), and sitting there in the middle of that empty, vast space still […]